Relative to Division Memorandum No. 178 s. 2019 re: Punctual Reporting and Organizational Management Performance Tracer (PROMPT), there will be a consultative meeting involving the Top Management, members of the Division Performance Management Team (PMT), all Public Schools District Supervisors (PSDS), and school head representatives from each cluster on September 20, Friday, 9:00 AM at the Division Conference Room.

The meeting will be spearheaded by the Division PMT following the agenda below:
• Defining PROMPT indicators for quality and timeliness
• Crafting of objectives integrating PROMPT in the Office Performance Commitment and Review Form (OPCRF)
• Harmonizing of PROMPT measures with Performance-based Bonus (PBB)
• Localization of PROMPT at the school level

Participants to this consultative meeting are listed in Enclosure No. 1. School heads are advised to bring a copy of their OPCRF.

For relevant queries, you may contact Dr. Lualhati O. Cadavedo, OIC – Office of the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent and Chair of Division PMT at (046) 432 3629 bc 213.

For your information and guidance.

0505 – Memorandum-SEP-17-19-496