Dasmarinas City – Sharing the same mission of educating the Filipino youth by promoting the love for reading and learning, the Department of Education City Schools Division of Dasmarinas and Grolier International signed a MOA on its newest literacy campaign called “Edutour: Reading and Learning Drive for the Filipino Youth”, May 15.

“One issue that has been a perpetual problem among educators is the increasing number of non-readers and struggling readers not only in the elementary level but even in the secondary level,” shared Mr. Christopher Diaz, Schools Division Superintendent. In Dasmarinas alone, there were as many as 3,500 reported non-readers and struggling readers in 2017. To address this concern, the Division launched a “30-minute reading habit” program which aims to develop pupils’ reading skills through story book reading and appreciation.

A crucial component of the program is the presence of libraries in schools as well as the provision of relevant learning resources and books for pupils and students. This is where Grolier International makes its contribution. For two years, Grolier will visit all public elementary and secondary schools in Dasmarinas City to promote its literacy drive and build book nooks. Aside from donating books and learning materials, Grolier will also conduct parent seminars on multiple intelligence and home learning. This way, parents are expected to be more engaged in their children’s education and supportive of their various talents and interests.

“Grolier has been present in homes and schools in the Philippines. As we partner with DepEd, we hope to raise more awareness among parents and other school stakeholders on the importance of acknowledging our children’s multiple intelligence and supporting them in their chosen disciplines or tracks in school,” said Mr. Brian Maralit, Grolier’s General Manager.

Aside from its book donation to schools, Grolier will also provide professional development resources and references to the Division Learning Resource Center (DLRC) which will be officially open in July.

Representing DepEd Dasmarinas in the MOA signing are SDS Christopher Diaz, CID Chief Dr. Gemma Cortez and members of the Learning Resource Management and Development Section, EPS Ms. Leylanie Adao, Librarian Ms. Marites Chavez, PDO Ms. Katrezia Macawile; and Social Mobilization and Networking Section SEPS Ms. Anne Cortez. Representing Grolier International are its General Manager Mr. Brian Maralit, Head of Sales Mr. Manny Santos, Head of Marketing Ms. Jane Aguirre, Regional Sales Manager Ms. Edna Blanco, and Manager Ms. Cherish Ramos.