1. As COVID-19 cases surge in the Philippines, particularly in the Province of Cavite, the DepEd Task Force COVID-19 raises recommendations and guidance on the mandatory antigen testing of all personnel reporting onsite.

2. In this regard, all CSDO personnel are mandated to undergo antigen testing prior to reporting onsite. Testing shall be done on a first come, first served basis before personnel are allowed entry to the Division Office.

Relative to this, all Unit Heads must coordinate their respective unit’s weekly work schedule to the Health and Nutrition Unit in preparation for the said testing.

3. For school personnel reporting onsite, antigen testing is optional but is highly encouraged.

4. Testing shall also be administered to personnel who will be on official travel before they travel and upon their return.

5. Personnel who will test positive shall follow the next steps advised by the Division Medical Officer and the Division COVID-19 focal person to ensure proper referral, management, and monitoring.

6. Positive, probable, or suspect case, as well as symptomatic personnel (regardless of possible explanations) and close contacts, are reminded NOT TO REPORT ONSITE but instead opt to work from home arrangements.

7. It is also reiterated that all personnel, regardless of their antigen test results or vaccination status, is strongly urged to always observe the required health standards.

8. Enclosed to this Memorandum is DepEd Task Force COVID-19 Memorandum No. 588 titled Mandatory Testing of Personnel Reporting Onsite Starting 05 January, and Reiteration of the Required Health Standards, Including Conditions when not to Report Onsite, for your perusal.

9. For your immediate and strict compliance.

0988 – Division Memorandum No. 013, s. 2022