1. Relative to DepEd Order 11, s. 2020 dated June 15, 2020 re. Revised Guidelines on Alternative Work Arrangements in the Department of Education during the Period of State of National Emergency due to COVID-19 Pandemic, all personnel are directed to accomplish the monitoring and reporting templates such as the Office/ School/ CLC Workweek Plan and Individual Daily Log and Accomplishment Report. This is to ensure smooth implementation of alternative work arrangements.

2. The Performance monitoring and attendance mechanism shall still be followed regardless of the type of alternative work arrangement to be used.  The actual time log shall be monitored as reflected in the Workweek Plan and Accomplishment Report. No record of accomplishment means no work has been performed for the day, thus, subjecting the staff to absence (Item 16.iii.d. page 8 of 16).

3. Each Elementary School, Junior High School (Non-Implementing Units) and Senior High School must submit a softcopy saved in compact discs (CD) or Universal Serial Bus (USB) flash drive on or before the 5′h day of the month to the Personnel

4. Please see enclosed templates of Office/ School/ CLC Workweek Plan and Individual Daily Log and Accomplishment Report for your

5. It is also reiterated in DO No. 11, s. 2020 and DM-PHRODFO-2020-00198 dated June 22, 2020, that physical reporting to the workplace/ onsite is not mandatory, and shall be done in consultation with the personnel. Physical reporting to the workplace/ onsite shall be kept at minimum and shall be considered ONLY when the tasks and functions cannot be rendered through alternative strategies and remote modalities.

6. This memorandum remains effective until DO 11, s. 2020 is rescinded.

7. Immediate dissemination of and compliance with this Memorandum is desired.

0869 Division Memorandum No. 132 s. 2020