1.The City Schools Division of Dasmariflas will be conducting DIVISION MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE MEETING on January 30, 2017 at Sarreal Hall- De La Salle Dasmarifias City.
2. This activity aims to discuss the issues and concerns in the different units/ departments in the City Schools Division of Dasmarifias.
3. Participants to this activity are the City Schools Division of Dasmariñas Personnel (Curriculum Implementation Division, Schools Governance and Operations Division and the Unit Heads of Office of the Schools Division Superintendent), Elementary and Secondary School Heads (Please see enclosure no. 1 for the list of participants)
4. Participants are advised to be in the venue at 70′ clock in the morning for the registration.
5. Funds to be used for the activity will be charged against Division MOOE subject to usual accounting and auditing procedure.
6. Attached to this Memorandum are opening and closing program.
7.Immediate dissemination of the Memorandum to all concerned is earnestly desired.

0985 – Division Memorandum No. 16,s. 2017