1. In reference to Regional Memorandum No. 16, s. 2020 re: CALABARZON HEROES GAME, this Office informs the field of some adjustments to be done in relation to the provided school calendar which was enclosed in DepEd Order No. 7, 2019.

2. Athlete-learners are requested to go back to their school and attend classes from February 14- 28, 2020 to be able to take their 4th grading periodic examinations on February 27-28, 2020.

3. Fourth periodic examinations from Kinder to Grade 12 shall be given on March 11-12, 2020.

4. Checking of school forms shall be done earlier.
School Checking- March 16-17, 2020
Division Checking- March 18-20, 2020

5. School heads are given authority to decide on the details (schedule and scheme) of rehearsal for graduation and moving-up activities. This may be done after class or after the conduct of 4th periodic examinations.

6. Intensified Flexible Learning Option (FLO) shall be observed and monitored strictly to ensure quality learning despite changes in schedule.

7. Conduct of extra-curricular activities such JS Prom, culminating activities, school contests, among others is discouraged to maximize the remaining contact time with the learners.

8. Immediate and wide dissemination of this Memorandum is desired.

0968 – Division Memorandum No. 33, s. 2020