1. Pursuant to Department of Education (DepEd) OUA Memo No. 08-0220-0627 titled Close Monitoring of Cases of Infectious Diseases, concerning the importance of early detection of illness among learners for immediate treatment and prevention of outbreaks, this office requires all schools to closely monitor the health status of learners, specifically for possible presence of infection.

2. The general signs and symptoms of communicable diseases such as measles, influenza, chicken pox and the like that need to be observed include fever, headache, cough, body malaise (body weakness), easy fatigability, runny nose, sore throat, and rashes.

3. The Preventive Alert System in Schools (PASS) shall be used in monitoring the learners. Daily health inspection shall be conducted routinely by the teachers and health personnel, and referral of cases shall be done to proper health authorities.

4. All schools shall submit a consolidated report on the diagnosed cases of the abovementioned diseases to be included in the weekly 2019-nCoV Health Situation Report and must be submitted on or before 3:00 PM, every Friday, at hnu@depeddasma.edu.ph, using the template below:

0966 – Division Memorandum No. 35, s. 2020