1. Invoking the Regional Memorandum No. 550, s. 2018 titled Measures to Enhance Teachers’ Welfare in CALABARZON Public Schools, this Division reiterates and strengthens the policy that no public school teacher in Dasmariñas City shall hold more than (1) one special assignment at a time.

2. DepEd Memorandum no. 291, s. 2008 states that that all advisory assignments and/or special assignments for the entire school year combined shall be considered as one teaching load. It is thus the above cited Regional Memorandum underscored that “Public school heads are strictly advised to properly distribute special assignments to all teachers. Assigning more than one coordinatorship/advisorship/special task to just one teacher is strongly discouraged.”

3. Special Assignments are enumerated as follows:
a. Ancillary Coordinatorship;
b. Special Program Coordinatorship;
c. Special Program Advisorship; and
d. Curriculum-Related Advisorship.

4. In the exigencies of service and in the case of schools with small teacher population, a teacher may hold more than 1 special assignment, provided that:
a. all (100%) of teachers have already given with a special assignment;
b. the teacher fully accepts the additional assignment without any reservation; and
c. the teacher’s welfare is not, in any way, compromised.

1000 – Division Order No. 01, s.2020