As part of its commitment to respond to the issues and concerns for the improvement of distance learning delivery, this office reiterates the following points regarding the utilization of the Moodie Classroom as official online learning platform of this Division:

a. Contextualization is encouraged in the classroom since the teachers are the ones who could determine the learning capacity of the learners. Course creators developed activities which could be applicable for all types of learners. Readiness Course for teachers was done to explain the specific role of online teachers in assuring learning considering individual differences. They could eliminate some activities that may lead to cognitive overload on the part of the learners.
b. Deadline of submission is purely suggestive. Therefore, teachers could adjust deadline depending on the situation and learners’ reaction to the activities provided. If there are only three lessons in a specific quarter, it does not mean that they have to finish the activities for three weeks only. They could stretch the activities for one whole grading period.
c. Some activities are required, some are optional. This means, if the learners want to do more, they have the option to do optional activities.
d. The first weeks are very crucial for the enhancement of the classroom. Teachers are asked to carefully analyze how the learners respond to the tasks to calibrate some of those. Following the principle of assessment, scores obtained are not merely for grading but for quality learning. Thus, context of learning and learners is greatly considered in this new set-up in education.

Schools shall continue gather feedback and address them properly for the continuous improvement of distance learning. Conduct of focus group discussion among cluster Moodie managers, team leaders, and learning leaders is advised to set things properly.

Immediate dissemination of this Memorandum and appropriate action are enjoined.

0716 – Memorandum-OCT-15-20-285