In line with the administered regular Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) held at Dasmarinas Integrated High School on November 18, 2018, the field is hereby informed that the Certificate of Ratings (CORs) of PEPT takers are now available for release at the CID Office, 2nd Floor, City Schools
Division of Dasmarinas.

Releasing of CORs shall be released by the DTC or the Administrative Staff to school’s Guidance Counselor.

The Philippine Educational Placement Test Certificate of Rating contains the report on how the examinee performed in the test. The rating per subject area will determine if the examinee has met the basic academic requirements for the grade level passed and the level to enroll for the following school year.

Hence, all public and private School Guidance Counselors are advised to attach the Copy of  individual examinee ‘s Certificate of Rating to the Permanent Academic Record Form (SF 10) for proper guidance and information of all concerned.

Moreover, all public and private Schools Heads and Guidance Counselors are advised to provide a separate compilation of Certified True Copy of Philippine Educational Placement Test – Certificate of Rating (PEPT – COR) secured in every guidance office, which will serve as ready reference for data gathering and test utilization.

Prompt dissemination of and compliance to this Memorandum is directed.


0871 – Memorandum-MAR-25-19-130