In support and celebration of Earth Month 2020 and the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day last April 22, 2020, the field is hereby reminded of the provisions of Republic Act No. 9003 otherwise known as the “Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000” prohibiting the open burning of solid waste including, the burning of leaves and waste materials under Section 48 (par. 3) thereof. Please take note that the law also provides corresponding penalties of imprisonment and fine to those who will be found guilty of violating its provisions.

Instead of resorting to burning of solid waste as a method of waste disposal, division and school officials and staff are encouraged to practice upcycling, recycling, and composting to help reduce waste and lessen its impact on the environment. If practicable, it is also recommended that schools institute actions to promote “Zero-Waste Management” in schools. In this way, DepEd Dasma is able to actively participate in waste reduction programs of the government including those of our partner organizations like Greenpeace Philippines.

Immediate dissemination of and compliance with this Memorandum is hereby mandated.

0838 – Memorandum-APR-27-20-163