With reference to DepEd Order No. 44, s. 2015 titled Guidelines on the Enhanced School Improvement Planning (SIP) Process and the School Report Card (SRC), the school in collaboration with the community or stakeholders thru the Enhanced School Improvement Plan (E-SIP) will lay down specific strategies and interventions for three consecutive years in response to the school’s identified Priority Improvement Areas in the three key result areas in basic education: access, quality and governance.

In line with this, the field is hereby informed of the attached template of School Dashboard for elementary, junior and senior high school as reference in crafting the Enhanced School Improvement Plan (E-SIP) SY 2022 – 2025. Data on dropout and repetition for six years and other relevant materials on Enhanced School Improvement Plan (E-SIP) may be accessed thru https://cutt.ly/SIPdataSY2022.

CID and SGOD personnel involved in this undertaking are requested to provide the necessary technical assistance and guidance to schools in finalizing their respective Dashboard. Deadline of submission of School Dashboard will be announced in a separate memorandum.

Immediate dissemination of and compliance to this Memorandum is directed.

0738 – Memorandum-MAY-20-22-263